Mission & Purpose
Professional Hospital, is organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to develop health care facilities in Puerto Rico. The organization aims to place special emphasis on minimally invasive surgical procedures to elderly patients and preventive and therapeutic management of circulatory ailments.

Puerto Rico has one of the highest incidences of Diabetes Mellitus in the world and continues to rise. These conditions have an enormous health, economic and psychological impact on the population, principally on the elderly segment, which reflects the highest relative and absolute growth in this decade. Less invasive and newer procedures require new technology and modern facilities, Guaynabo. Many of the hospitals in the metropolitan area suffer from inconvenient locations that are either difficult to access or in run down neighborhoods. This, in turn, slows down the process of technological evolution and aggressive renovation.

Even though the municipality of Guaynabo is surrounded by a large Metropolitan area, it has no hospitals within its municipal boundaries. For this reason, medical facilities in Guaynabo could become important centers for providing health care services not only to the adjacent medical community but also to sister clinics like the one currently operating in the city of Manatí. A medical office building being developed by Professional Hospital, Inc, in Guaynabo will include an imaging Center with CT Scan and MRI capabilities.

Affiliated organizations.
 Professional Hospital, has developed two outpatient circulatory clinics, Clínicas Especializadas en Circulación, in Guaynabo, and Manatí to service a patient population that covers a great portion of the north of the island. Services include outpatient preventive, diagnostic and medical treatment procedures. Patients requiring an ambulatory invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures are referred to the Ambulatory Surgery Center or to the hospital in Manatí.